Exfoliating Cream

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A soft cream with Summer Savory Essential Oil and Almond Shell Powder to help remove dead skin cells, eliminate impurities and clear up a dull complexion.

Purifies, removes dead skin cells and eliminates impurities. Ideal for an even grain and a radiant complexion.

Plant ingredients complex : French summer savory essential oil and almond shell.

Purifies and gently exfoliates.


The skin grain is even, and the complexion radiant.

Apply in a thin layer, once/or twice a week to a cleansed face and neck, avoid the eye contour area. Moisten fingers and rub off with circular movements. Rinse, then complete by using the Tonifying Lotion.


Did you know?

  • Ground almond shell delivers an exfoliating plant powder whose fine and round granulometry is perfect to perform an innocuous and efficient scrub.
  • Savory essential oil is obtained by water distillation of the airy parts of the plant.